Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Groups

What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an innovative treatment available for adults and adolescents who have difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviors.

DBT combines proven therapy techniques and skill-building practices. It has proven to be highly effective in helping adults and adolescents manage intense emotions and self-harming behaviors including:  Substance Abuse; Eating Disorders; Anger problems and Depression.

The goals of our DBT program are to help both adults and adolescents replace problem behaviors with more adaptive ways of coping with distress so as to improve the client’s quality of life.

DBT Program at WFC

Our DBT Skills Groups provide effective skills-based therapy in a group setting where participants can feel safe and comfortable as they learn and practice using coping skills. We offer DBT Skills Groups for Adults and for Adolescents.

Both groups are similar, but the Adolescent Group is tailored to the particular struggles which are pertinent to adolescents.

DBT skills training is focused in four areas:  Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. In each module, the DBT group is taught in an interactive style so that there is ample opportunity to learn, practice and receive feedback.  These skills are the foundation of DBT and are utilized in treatment.

At Westport Family Counseling, the DBT groups meet once per week, over eight weeks.

Each session of the program focuses on introducing new skills while building on and practicing what had previously been introduced.  The DBT group offers the participants social support as well as the opportunity to see how other participants incorporate DBT skills in their lives.