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WFC sponsored Westport Arts Center’s Event: Paige Kendig: Note to Self on May 13th

On Tuesday May 13th, WFC sponsored Paige Kendig: Note to Self at the Westport Arts Center.

Westport native, Staples alum, and now CBS producer, Paige Kendig presented her Emmy-nominated short film, “Note to Self: Chuck Close.”  She discussed the feature and her experience working with Chuck Close and other artists.

The event was hosted by Westport Arts Center Visual Arts Director and Curator Helen Klisser During.

Westport Family Counseling’s Community Outreach Director, Carolyn Yates attended the event on behalf of WFC and is pictured with Paige Kendig, Helen Klisser During, WAC Director of Visual Arts, and Peter Van Heerden, WAC Executive Director.

May is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month!

Children’s Mental Health Month presents an opportunity to take a closer look at the emotional and mental well-being of children, today. Our society appears to have adapted a more progressive sociological approach to protecting children through labor laws and legislature that prosecutes aggressors and predators. However, American society has been slow to classify children’s mental health as a priority. This may be, in part, because people are unclear as to the issues related to children’s mental health. Therefore, while many would agree that the mental health of a child is of paramount importance, the complex and time-intensive issues are often misunderstood, mishandled, and misrepresented.

People who are not familiar with the intricacies of children’s mental health routinely categorize it as a political or social issue that pertains to bullying, school violence, malnutrition, eating disorders, suicide, substance abuse, and other dramatic conditions and events. While these are all important issues, they are also subjects that are sensational “attention grabbers” and often become diluted in topical debates that use general terms and bias.

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“Going Gluten-Free” Workshop- Wednesday June 4th at 10am

Gluten-free – What’s in, what’s out and how to make it happen

Don’t let fear of a gluten free diet keep you from feeling your best

June 4th, 2014
10AM -12:30 PM

Westport Family Counseling
250 Post Road East, Suite 200
Westport, CT 06880

Gluten can play a role in many disorders of mind and body, including digestive disorders, depression, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and ADHD. Diet change can have a profound effect on your mood, performance, energy and
overall health.

This workshop will provide concrete guidance on what to eat, what to avoid, how to shop and stock a pantry, as well as common mistakes, restaurant tips, favorite foods by brand name and great recipes.  Handouts will be provided.

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Discussion Group for Gay Fathers- Wednesday May 21st at 7pm

Wednesday May 21st from 7-8:30pm

Westport Family Counseling is offering a group aimed towards giving gay dads a place to discuss their experiences with parenting.

The group will address the particular concerns that may arise when men parent outside of the heterosexual paradigm. The goal is to provide a forum for ideas and discussion and help build community. The group will also be relevant for those wanting to be dads, and provide an opportunity to learn about the family-building process from men further along in their journeys.

Group will be led by Dr. Stephanie Schacher, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Schacher has published on gay parenting and her research was recently quoted in The Atlantic Monthly.

The group fee is $10/person, $15/couple. Registration is required.
Call (203) 227-4555 or email to pre-register