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Upcoming Food and Mood Presentation on Wednesday August 13th at 12 noon

Westport Family Counseling will be hosting a Professional Networking Lunch and Presentation on Food and Mood by Vicki Kobliner, MD RDN,  on Wednesday August 13th from 12-1:30pm.

Vicki Kobliner is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with years of expertise in applying a functional approach to nutrition. She develops individualized plans for clients which are designed to promote wellness, prevent disease and rebalance underlying nutritional impairments.

Nutrition is an often overlooked component of managing emotional health, but diet and digestive wellness have a powerful effect on mood.  Consider this:

  • more neurotransmitters are produced in the digestive tract than in the brain
  • certain nutrients have been shown to chemically and physiologically alter the structure of the brain
  • substances such as gluten have been linked to schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders

The value of nutritional therapy for emotional well being is clear.

Please join us and other local professionals as Vicki Kobliner MD RDN helps clarify the relationship of food to mood.  Lunch will be provided.

Email to sign up.



WFC is hosting 2nd Discussion Group for Gay Fathers this Fall

Westport Family Counseling hosted a Discussion Group for Gay Fathers this past Spring 2014.  We will be holding another session this Fall.

The group is aimed towards giving gay dads a place to discuss their experiences with parenting.  The group will address the particular concerns that may arise when men parent outside of the heterosexual paradigm.  The goal is to provide a forum for ideas and discussion and help build community.  The group will also be relevant for those wanting to be dads, and provide an opportunity to learn about the family-building process from men further along in their journeys.

The group will be lead by Dr. Stephanie Schacher, Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Dr. Schacher has published on gay parenting and her research was recently quoted in The Atlantic Monthly.

Call WFC at (203) 227-4555 or email for more information or to pre-register.