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Causeway Collaborative

Nicholas Strouse talks with Vince Benevento, John Lieberman and Joel Singer.. three men who have formed a team to help young men who may have lost their way.

Over the course of the podcast, they explore a crisis that many young men are facing, the inability to find an identity as a man, and an inertia that has stalled the ability to locate meaning and purpose. In this frank discussion, the Causeway Collaborative Team looks at the precarious combination of feeling pressure to “become something” that–when mixed with “aimlessness”–creates a vulnerability to use or abuse drugs, or to become derailed in other ways. Drawing on personal experience, and professional training, Vince, John, and Joel talk shop about finding a way to instill confidence, motivation and build passion for young men to take the reins of their own lives.

Whether taking them to job interviews or shooting baskets… Vince, Joel, and John teach these wayward young men to share, accept help, and learn to depend on the Causeway Team to ultimately help them reach their potential.

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The Participant Observer is a WFC GROUP production. It was recorded at the WFC Group studios, in Westport CT. Post-production is by Justin Gibbs, at the Rayhound Production Company studio.


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WFC is Hosting Network Breakfast and Presentation on, “Pharmacogenomic Testing: Moving Psychiatry into the 21st Century”

Westport Family Counseling is hosting a Networking Breakfast and Presentation on, “Pharmacogenomic Testing: Moving Psychiatry into the 21st Century,” on Thursday February 18th, 2016 from 8:30-10am.  Dr. Vatsal Thakkar will be our guest presenter on this topic.

Dr. Thakkar will speak about the fact that the state of the art in psychiatry for the last 50 years has been an evaluation by interview, followed by an educated guess regarding need for medication and then deciding among the 100+ various psychotropic medications available for clinical use.  Now, the field of psychiatry is taking a quantum leap forward: a simple DNA test done by a mouth swab can be used to run anywhere from one to 18 different psychiatry-based genomic tests to create a physiological and treatment landscape on the patient sitting in the clinician’s office.

This presentation will be facilitated by Dr. Vatsal Thakkar M.D.

Vatsal G. Thakkar, M.D. Is Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the NYU School of Medicine.  He has held positions at both Vanderbilt Medical Center and NYU in the areas of med student & resident teaching, professional wellness/EAP, and clinical research on major depression, addictions, and adult ADHD.  In 2013, he published a feature article in the New York Times titled, “Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit,” about the hidden scourge of sleep dysfunction in the psychiatric population.  He currently practices full time in Westport, Connecticut.

Click here to register for the event.