Westport Family Counseling

Environment of Acceptance for Loss of a Pet

The relationship between people and their pets creates a bond like no other. Animals accept us for who we are. They are willing to tolerate the worst of our moods with a kind eye, love and without judgment.

It is therefore not surprising that we grieve for the loss of a pet, as we would a close friend or family member. Additionally the loss can have an impact on physical or mental health.

Unfortunately, the loss of a pet is not considered significant by many and owners are left to bear the bereavement process without help or support.

WFC is creating a group for mourning and loss in an environment that is acceptable and welcoming. Owners will able to share their grief with others of similar losses.

Mourning is a long process. We are committed to help those in need for  5-10 sessions, once weekly in a group of four, but no more than eight people.

In response to COVID-19, WFC now offers Telemedicine. Telemedicine is effective, research-based treatment! Social Distancing doesn’t mean we have to be alone.
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