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Marital Resilience During COVID-19

Most people I speak to have found one part of the pandemic particularly trying. Namely, the learning curve that has been presented to all of us in having to conflate parenting, homeschooling, and working from home simultaneously. Parents are being challenged to wear multiple hats and switch between them all day long. As a result,

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How Do We Reach Our Children When They Seem So Hard To Reach

Children sometimes withdraw in the wake of a distressing event, be it the death of a beloved family pet, an adjustment in schedule, or an unexpected argument between family members at home. It can be difficult for children to articulate what is bothering them. It is important to be attentive to children at these times,

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The Impact of Social Media Use On Happiness

  You’re scrolling through your social media newsfeed when suddenly it hits you. In the midst of a double-tap displaying your love for a post, you begin to feel depressed, a looming sense of dread, or a decline in your self-esteem. Checking your various social media feeds in the morning might be how you choose

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The Tidal Wave of Emotions During Graduation Season

  As summertime quickly approaches, families with children will soon begin welcoming their loved ones home for summer vacation. The period of transitioning from daily school routines to fun in the sun is enough of a change for some households, and in some cases, parents must also contend with another major adjustment — their child’s

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Holiday post

Holiday De-stressing

The holidays are traditionally a time for festivity and cheer. However, the pressure of traveling, hosting, cooking, and gift-giving can sometimes make the holiday spirit a little less bright.That’s because our bodies respond to stress, and stress affects almost every system in our body. Therefore, finding healthy ways to manage stress over the holidays is

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Empty Nester

Adjusting to being an Empty Nester

The day has finally arrived. Your youngest child has been dropped off and is now a college student, which makes you… an Empty Nester. Marriage therapists see the gamut of reactions – from “Yippee” to “Oy vay.” If you fall into this latter category and are entering this new life phase with trepidation (or even

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Taking The Stress Out Of Back To School

If only it was as easy as it looks in the Staples commercials – breezing through the aisles with visions of your kids happily heading back to school.  For many kids and parents, alike, back-to-school is filled with anxiety. Whether it is a kindergartner, just entering school, a middle-schooler in the throes of adolescence, or

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Tips On How Families Can Spend Quality, Peaceful Time Together

Summer is often when families spend time together, whether vacationing at home, or traveling abroad. Being together presents an opportunity to grow relationships, and build feelings of connectedness. Of course, with more time together, tensions can sometimes increase, and conflict can ensue. Here are a few tips to make sure your summertime “Family Time” is

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Power Struggle

Parenting Through Power Struggles

When you describe your child, are you describing their behavior, their nature, or their mood? Perhaps you are describing what you would like them to be, or how you expect them to behave, or the effect of their behavior on you. Talking about parenting a “strong-willed” child, one must first define that term. In most

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