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The Limits of Psychotropic Medications

Though the advertisements on TV would have you believe otherwise, the mental health community has differing opinions about the use of psychotropic drugs to treat mood disorders, like depression and anxiety. In one camp, there are those who wish to portray these types of medications as a “silver bullet”… that they are able to reduce

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What To Expect When Transitioning Into A Blended Family

Making the transition into a blended family is a challenging one, no matter the circumstances. Especially for the children, coming to terms with a new parent entering the picture is not always going to be easy. Understanding what to expect during this transition period, and the best ways to cope with your new family dynamic,

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Next Thursday 3/12 Join WFC and Newport Academy for a Free Screening and Panel Discussion of “The Anonymous People”

  Westport Family Counseling and Newport Academy are proud to present, “The Anonymous People,” a film aimed at encouraging an open dialogue about addiction and recovery. The documentary depicts the road that 23 million Americans travel for long ­term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. It showcases the history of recovery, including how

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Good Food, Good Mood

  If you are feeling sad or low, you are not alone.  The Center for Disease Control states that in 2009, one in 10 Americans suffered from depression, while a more recent study by the World Health Organization estimated that almost 20{f1cbbec8c52242e0435b0f8ae193f61eb53614017266a91800a694fa5707c0ea} of Americans have experienced an extended period of depression, and that the US has

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10 Tips to Support Your Anxious Teen

1) Some teens are just physiologically wired to experience anxiety more than others.  For an anxious teen, the goal is to help your teen manage their anxiety, not completely eliminate it.  Helping your teen to learn how to cope and tolerate their anxiety is the best thing a parent can do. It is hard to

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Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Research has shown that self-care can improve one’s beliefs about themselves, influence their behavior to reduce stress, limit exposure to conflict, and improve interpersonal relations. However, many people resist incorporating self-care into their daily lives, because they associate self-care with being self-centered or indulgent. Unfortunately, these misconceptions strip self-care of meritable, research-based applications, and relegates

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Shifting the Perception of Couples Counseling from Crisis to Prevention

There is great value in viewing couples counseling as an opportunity to prevent major relationship issues. More often couples choose to seek counseling in a time of crisis. “Counseling in Crisis” is difficult because the emotional wounds run deep, and the therapy must first focus on stabilizing the couple, before deep emotional work can be

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EMDR Therapy in Connecticut

All About EMDR

More and more people are becoming familiar with a highly effective therapeutic treatment called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). While being known as cutting edge, EMDR is not so new. It’s been around for over 25 years, and has earned the reputation as one of the most effective treatments for everything from mood disorders

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Depression, That Which Is Unseen By The Naked Eye.

Someone who is depressed can appear to others around them, to be “well.” That is because depression can be felt all the time, and hidden most of the time. As much as people do not want to feel depressed, they generally do not ask for help, because they do not want anyone to know they are depressed. In

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Loneliness- What Is Really Trending on Facebook

Today, a prominent issue in the mental health field is the pervasive feeling of loneliness that is becoming the norm in the lives of many. Research has shown that chronic isolation and loneliness can lead to a multitude of health problems, including cognitive deficits in learning and memory. It seems that the integrity of our

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