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The “Winter Blues” (SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder)

What is SAD?  As summer transitions into fall and the days grow shorter, some individuals begin to experience depression that had not been present in the spring and summer months. This shift in mood is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Many identify SAD as “The Winter Blues” because it is characterized by the

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The Tidal Wave of Emotions During Graduation Season

  As summertime quickly approaches, families with children will soon begin welcoming their loved ones home for summer vacation. The period of transitioning from daily school routines to fun in the sun is enough of a change for some households, and in some cases, parents must also contend with another major adjustment — their child’s

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WFC Launches Maternal Mental Health Program

  Westport Family Counseling has just launched a Maternal Mental Health Program to support the needs of women in the Fairfield County area.  WFC is pleased to offer this new service and area of specialty. Westport Family Counseling supports women during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and counsels women and couples grieving perinatal loss, or

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Holiday post

Holiday De-stressing

The holidays are traditionally a time for festivity and cheer. However, the pressure of traveling, hosting, cooking, and gift-giving can sometimes make the holiday spirit a little less bright.That’s because our bodies respond to stress, and stress affects almost every system in our body. Therefore, finding healthy ways to manage stress over the holidays is

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What To Expect When Transitioning Into A Blended Family

Making the transition into a blended family is a challenging one, no matter the circumstances. Especially for the children, coming to terms with a new parent entering the picture is not always going to be easy. Understanding what to expect during this transition period, and the best ways to cope with your new family dynamic,

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Depression, That Which Is Unseen By The Naked Eye.

Someone who is depressed can appear to others around them, to be “well.” That is because depression can be felt all the time, and hidden most of the time. As much as people do not want to feel depressed, they generally do not ask for help, because they do not want anyone to know they are depressed. In

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Depression and Suicide – A Life Lead in Quiet Desperation

The death of the highly regarded actor, 63-year-old Robin Williams, has rocked the world, after having allegedly taking his own life the night of August 11th. His wife, colleagues, and fans have been grieving since the unsuspected tragedy occurred. Mr. Williams was one of the greatest comedians of our time, and known by many to

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