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Child Behavioral Issues

When is a child just “being a kid,” and when is a child having a problem? This is a difficult question to answer. Especially if a child is exhibiting behavior that disturbs others, or disrupts the home or school environment. A professional can provide answers and encouragement. It can be reassuring to find out that your child is dealing with age appropriate issues. It can even be reassuring to find out that there is something to be done if your child is misbehaving. Providing early help to children is usually more effective than “waiting it out.” Emotional difficulties during childhood can have a lasting effect on relationships, school performance and overall self-image. In addition, a child who receives help early in life will feel more comfortable in seeking help later, if the need arises.

Behavioral issues addressed by therapy, include:

ADD & ADHD (without the use of medication), temper tantrums, power struggles, time management (homework vs. video games), skipping school, bullying, premature sexuality, drug use, risky behaviors

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