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Perhaps the most debilitating symptom of depression is the thought process, which tends to be a running commentary focusing on negativity, self-doubt, and poor self-image. This, in turn, leads to a sense of alienation, and the inclination to withdraw. Many times, people go years without seeking help or revealing their pain, because they hold on to the idea that they ought to be able to, “Fix the problem on their own.” There is legitimate confusion when there is no clear circumstance, event, or external variable that is creating the mood. The inability to find an “acceptable reason” for the depression creates and perpetuates the irrational belief that there is something inherently wrong with us. As these thoughts continue, people become more and more depressed. Depression actually can be worked through…but, contrary to the convincing voice of depression, this cannot be done, “On one’s own.” Fortunately, it has been shown that depression responds well to many therapeutic interventions, which means, you do not have to go on living that way.

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