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Al DiGuido

Nicholas Strouse speaks with Founder of Al’s Angels and Saugatuck Sweets… Al DiGuido, the real deal “do gooder.” Listen in… as Al tells us about his ‘Large Town’ Westport… and the ‘Small Town’ Mom ‘n’ Pop shop he’s opened in Westport’s burgeoning community of Saugatuck. Come along on a tour of an emporium that turns out to be both a child and social psychologist’s dream. Through the Sweet Shop window, we learn of community building, parent-child bonding, boundary setting, and the imparting of social values.

Read more about Al DiGuido.

The Participant Observer is a WFC GROUP production. It was recorded at the WFC Group studios, in Westport CT. Post-production is by Justin Gibbs, at the Rayhound Production Company studio.


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