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Danny Conroy

Nicholas Strouse speaks with Danny Conroy, Founder of AIM House (Action Intention Merge). After admitting to “never growing up,” himself, Danny takes up as ‘spokesman’ for the Millennial Generation. In his winning way, Danny mixes fact and anecdote to create a deeper understanding about Millennials… and casts a light on how Millennials may have made their mark, quietly… by inadvertently starting a counter-culture movement, in which they have chosen meaning over financial stature. Happily using himself as an example, Danny talks about ways we are forced to recognize and adapt to the needs of this population. Whether parenting with more openness and flexibility or actively engaging in a fair appraisal of digital communication, Danny makes it clear that–when it comes to Millennials–there is more than meets the eye.

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The Participant Observer is a WFC GROUP production. It was recorded at the WFC Group studios, in Westport CT. Post-production is by Justin Gibbs, at the Rayhound Production Company studio.


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