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Dr. Dan Siegel- Part 1

Nicholas Strouse speaks with the pioneer of Interpersonal Neurobiology… renowned author, psychiatrist, and researcher, Dr. Daniel J. Siegel. Interweaving anecdotes, scientific research (and even a personal rendition of Mr. Rogers, “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood”)… Dr. Siegel discusses groundbreaking ideas, ranging from the revolutionary paradigm shift of Mindsight… to his impressions of his game-changing, NY Times Bestseller, BrainstormWith wit and wisdom, Dr. Siegel ties together the poignancy of the death of his mentor, the “lunacy” of grown-ups that hated Beatlemania, and the ESSENCE that is in all of us… dispelling misguided beliefs, and helping us focus on energies that are, in his own words, “Important for our species!

Read more about Dr. Dan Siegel.

The Participant Observer is a WFC GROUP production. It was recorded at the WFC Group studios, in Westport CT. Post-production is by Justin Gibbs, at the Rayhound Production Company studio.


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