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Vera Muller-Paisner, LCSW

Vera Muller-Paisner, LCSW


We wake up every morning expecting to be the same. Yes, we often deal with today based on yesterday’s experience. This serves us well except when a passing glimpse of something that happened yesterday or a long time ago is processed as if it was happening now, and our mood changes involuntarily. We often don’t feel like ourselves.

Experience: Vera Muller-Paisner, LCSW has spent the last 20 years studying the chronicity and transmission of trauma. She is certified in EMDR, and specializes in processing cognitive emotive difficulties that cause “flashbacks”, problems at work, and interference with relationships. Her extensive experience includes treating adults, couples, and families for a variety of issues ranging from life transitions to depression, anxiety, and dissociative identity disorders.

She is a former research consultant for the International Study Group for Trauma, Violence and Genocide at Yale University School of Medicine and has organized, trained, and supervised trauma interventions in Eastern Europe.

She received her degree in Clinical Social Work from Adelphi University, and earned her Psychoanalytic and Organizational Consultation degrees from the Post Graduate Center for Mental health, in New York.

Theoretical Background: Attachment Theory, Cognitive Psychology, Psychoanalytic Theory

Types of Therapy practiced: Psychodynamic, Cognitive-Behavioral, EMDR

Works With: Individuals, Couples

Client Age Range: Adolescents, Adults

Email: v.paisner@wfcmail.org

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