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Our services include counseling for:

Individuals – Individual therapy is a process that involves working one-on-one with a trained therapist to explore feelings, beliefs or behaviors, working through challenging memories, gaining self-awareness, and working toward positive life change.

Couples – Couples often need guidance about how to communicate and problem-solve more effectively, as well as assistance in addressing specific concerns and problems. Couples therapy is designed to help people work through relationship issues and create emotional closeness.

Children & Adolescents – Providing early help to children and teens who are having emotional difficulties is usually more effective than “waiting it out.” Childhood emotional difficulties can have a lasting effect on relationships, school performance and overall self-image.

Families – Families generally seek counseling as a way to strengthen connections, and to make the most of the complex, long-term relationships that make up a family.

Groups – Group therapy can be extremely effective in promoting growth and change. It can also help jump-start your personal growth if individual psychotherapy progress has stalled.

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