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WFC Offering Free Community Presentation on “Strategies to Resolve Behavioral Sleep Problems In Children” on September 16th at 9am

The Westport Family Counseling Building


Westport Family Counseling is hosting a Free Presentation for the Community on Wednesday September 16th at 9am.  Alison Bevan, Certified Sleep Specialist will be presenting on “Strategies to Resolve Sleep Issues in Children.”

9-9:30- Complimentary Breakfast

9:30-10:30- Presentation by Alison Bevan

Lack of quality of sleep has a pervasive effect on the physical and emotional well-being of children. During sleep, biological and physiological processes take place that are essential for maintaining optimal health and development.

Sleep problems are pervasive in the pediatric population, and effect the entire family. Studies show that approximately one in three children will experience a significant sleep problem in the first ten years of life and, if left untreated, they will be 50{f1cbbec8c52242e0435b0f8ae193f61eb53614017266a91800a694fa5707c0ea} more likely to suffer from chronic sleep problems as adults. Parents of poor sleepers are more likely to be anxious and/or depressed, and most report that their child’s sleep problems have a profoundly negative impact on their family’s quality of life.

Why Sleep Matters

  • The effects of sleep deprivation on children and families

Components of Healthy Sleep

  • Sleep as a learned skill
  • Amount of sleep –average sleep requirements by age
  • Timing of sleep – circadian rhythm, melatonin, cortisol
  • Quality of sleep – un-fragmented, motionless, undisturbed by underlying medical conditions

Why Sleep Problems Happen

  • Conscious and unconscious parenting choices/parental philosophy
  • Temperament
  • Developmental leaps/regressions
  • Circumstances/significant life events
  • Underlying medical conditions

Solving Behavioral Sleep Problems

  • Evidence-based sleep coaching methods (extinction, modified extinction, fading)
  • Choosing the right approach for the family
  • Choosing the right time to start

Roadblocks to Success

  • Parental inconsistency
  • Lack of support/resources

The Role of the Sleep Coach

About our Guest Presenter:

As a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Alison Bevan is dedicated to offering parents the guidance and support they need to have a well rested family. Alison works with parents of newborns and infants to establish healthy sleep habits and parents of older children to solve daytime and nighttime sleep problems. She is the Pediatric Sleep Specialist at The Center For Advanced Pediatrics in Fairfield County, and works with families across the country through her private practice – Sleepytime Coach. She is a Happiest Baby Educator, a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach with a specialty in 4-5 month old sleep, a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and a guest speaker and contributing author for numerous organizations and publications dedicated to family health and wellness.

Please email if you are interested in signing up.

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