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WFC sponsored Westport Arts Center’s Event: Paige Kendig: Note to Self on May 13th

Westport Arts Center Sponsorship

On Tuesday May 13th, WFC sponsored Paige Kendig: Note to Self at the Westport Arts Center.

Westport native, Staples alum, and now CBS producer, Paige Kendig presented her Emmy-nominated short film, “Note to Self: Chuck Close.”  She discussed the feature and her experience working with Chuck Close and other artists.

The event was hosted by Westport Arts Center Visual Arts Director and Curator Helen Klisser During.

Westport Family Counseling’s Community Outreach Director, Carolyn Yates attended the event on behalf of WFC and is pictured with Paige Kendig, Helen Klisser During, WAC Director of Visual Arts, and Peter Van Heerden, WAC Executive Director.

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